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What is a private group experience?

Service Level

What you do at each destination

Vehicle & Chauffeur

How you get there is half the fun

Food and Beverage

Catering and boxed lunches available

A private group experience is for people who want to have a day with just your tribe of friends-think private room at a music festival. 90% of groups take a 10 hour day-sounds like a lot but you’ll be shocked with how fast it goes by. You will have a dedicated vehicle and chauffeur with you at all times throughout the day. The main costs associated are Service Level/Ticket Price, Food and Refreshments, and Vehicle/Chauffeur

Service Levels/Tickets Packages

To book it’s very quick and easy-just pick what level you want, what day, and what vehicle type and place a deposit. Once complete you’re set up and good to go. A coordinator will reach out within 24 hours to help design your day.
It’s pretty simple. Below you will see our 5 service levels allowing customers of all budgets to see bourbon country.

Pre-Planned Itineraries

The Executive


Copper & Kings - Evan Williams - Michters- morePeerless - Rabbit Hole

"A tour for groups short on time or looking for a quick snapshot of the industry."

Collector’s Tour


Angel's Envy - Bardstown Bourbon Company - Four Roses- moreHeaven Hill - Willet - Woodford Reserve

"A tour for the avid collector looking for hard to find or rare bourbons"